Giving birth, weigh gain and loss and deformations due to aging causes the abdominal wall and skin to hang down. This loosening in the abdominal wall and the hanging skin are corrected by the abdomen lifting operation. With this operation, the hanging abdomen appearance is corrected dramatically and the patient will have a smooth abdominal contour.
Abdominoplasty operation is not a weight-loss operation. It is an operation that is made to correct the disorder in the body contour of the patients in ideal or close-to-ideal weight and correct the excessive skin. Besides, since the skin under the belly is removed, the postpartum splits and hangings in this area recovers. When there is only regional fattening under the belly and abdominal wall loosening and the skin excess is not a lot, “mini abdominal lifting” operation is conducted. This is a smaller surgical procedure, no incision around the belly is made and the incision line is shorter.
Abdominoplasty is conducted under general anesthesia. Generally it is an operation 2-3 hours. During the operation, an incision between hip bones in both sides is made. This incision is in the same location with the cesarean section operations but it is longer and can be hid easily within the underwear. The excessive skin and fat tissue is removed, loosened abdominal fascia is lifted. There may be a feeling of tension due to tissue swelling in the first few days. These complaints are lessened by sedating the abdominal fascia during the operation and then using a special corset and painkillers.
It is recommended to stay in the hospital for one night. The patient can begin walking the next day. One week later, light paced work life can begin. Paced walks can begin in three weeks, harder exercise can begin in 3 months.