Botoks – Filler


Facial aging
Aging is actually a complex event. Each structure in our face is affected differently. Under-skin tissues and muscles loosen, and deep fat tissues change place because of the effect of gravity. The skin itself is also affected and synthesis of the core constituents of the skin enabling its flexibility such as collagen and elastin. The amount of hyaluronic acid that allows the moisture balance of the skin gradually diminishes. With the addition of the damages caused by the sun and chemicals, the skin becomes dry, loose and wrinkled and the skin of the face hangs down.


Examining our face in three different regions;
The first area includes the area around the eyes and forehead which creates problems because we use mimic muscles a lot and wrinkles caused by the activity of these muscles are the most common complaint reasons. The purpose is to open the wrinkles around the eyes and forehead and if necessary, make some retouches on the eye brows. Botox is the most important tool that we use to solve these problems easily.
The second area include the cheeks and under eye. Here the main problem is the melting of the fats in the deep base which normally fill the cheeks and shift down to lower areas with the effect of gravity. In this condition, the gaps under the eye create an effect showing the face old and tired. These areas are filled with ready filler substances or fat injection practices.
In the third area which includes the chin – neck area, skin hanging down and decrease in muscle tonus are evident. Decomposition of the chin contour and reduction of neck tension are the most important problems. Highlighting the chin line with filler administration or opening the wrinkles in the neck with botox are the most proper treatment options.


Botox is a toxin derived from bacteria and it prevents the secretion of the substance enabling transmission to nerve endings. Namely, the message coming from the nerve is not transmitted to the muscle. Hence, the mimic muscles contract and the muscles causing the lines in the face become smooth and invisible.
It loosens and opens the goosefoot-like wrinkle lines caused by the muscles. Besides, the most important effect of it is that it prevents the excessively contracting muscle groups from forming wrinkles in the future, hence it is protective against wrinkles.
Botox also reduces sweating when it is administered to regions with sweat glands. The most sweating parts in the body are armpits and palms. Botox administration to these regions reduces sweating.
If conducted properly, botox injection does not create an apathic expression without mimics. These injections shall be made to specific points with specific doses. Hence, it should be made by experienced professionals. Botox administered to wrong areas may cause undesirable complications such as falling down of the eyelids and asymmetry in the face.


Fillers are volume enabling agents that we use in the treatments, especially of wrinkles. Usually they are hyaluronic acid based substances. They are used in sunken areas or areas to which we want to give more volume, they remain in the area of administration between 6 months and 1 year.
In fact, fillers can be divided into three: permanent, half permanent and temporary. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are in the group of temporarily effective filler group and dissolve completely within 1 year. Their full dissolution depends on their breakdown by the body since they are physiological substances. However, they do not create reaction in the tissue since they are not foreign body and stay safely.
Thanks to the technological developments, today they are hundreds of fillers with different levels of affectivity. Hence, it is possible to use different fillers to areas such as under eye and lips. Their use area is not restricted to the wrinkles. They are especially used for shaping the nose, chin and forehead.