Breast Augmentation


Every woman desires to have proportional, well-shaped, well-textured, attractive breasts. However, it should not be forgotten that their primary function is breastfeeding and they are sensitive to hormonal changes that should be followed throughout lifetime. There are fine details of this surgery which are vital for woman.
Every woman has a different breast shape and size but factors such as weight loss or gain and breastfeeding may spoil the aesthetic appearance. Breast augmentation operation refers to the operation conducted by using permanent silicone gel prosthesis into breast due to structurally small breasts or gaps from giving birth or breastfeeding.
The purpose while augmenting the breasts by silicone prosthesis is to create natural breasts proportional to the body type. For this reason, there are three basic issues that should be decided before the operation:
1. Silicone size
2. From where (lower breast, nipple, armpit)
3. To where (lower breast, below muscle)
The requests and expectations of the patient are negotiated in detail and then the advantages and disadvantages of the current methods are discussed.
The biggest issue of wonder is how much the breasts will augment after the operation. While sizes such as 85 and 90 defines the diameter of the patient’s chest, A, B, C, and D letters called cup size specifies the size of the breast. The A letter specifies the smallest breast size. Comparing this to the bra size, the body size does not change after the breast augmentation surgery. Namely, a patient wearing 85-A continues to wear size 85 after the surgery. However, based on the size of the prosthesis, the cup size can be B or C.
In the consultation, the most important problem of the patients is how their breasts will look like with the prosthesis. Now it is possible to solve this problem beforehand. Through a special application that takes the 3-D photo of the breast, it is possible to place the prosthesis under the breast. Then it becomes possible to evaluate how the breasts with prosthesis will look like after the operation and to compare these two pictures before and after the operation. Questions of the patients can be answered easily.
The operation is made under general anesthesia and lasts 1 hour. The patient is discharged with a special bra the same day after the operation. She may feel pain by doing some arm movements for 2-3 days. One week later, the patient can continue all her daily activities since the staple-line recovers. The staple-line may remain pink for six weeks and then get white slowly.