Breast Reconstruction



Breast reconstruction is the operation of recreating a new breast in substitution for the lost one and today, it is within the scope of modern therapy options of breast cancer today. The patients may select different methods based on their medical conditions and personal preferences. In order to fill in the place of the lost breast tissue, both silicone breast prosthesis and their own tissues derived from the abdomen, back and hip regions can be used.

Today it is possible to create breasts that are similar to the natural breast of the patient. Of course, it is necessary to consider many factors while choosing method. Many factors including the amount of the bulk in the breast, its place and the need for add-on-therapy, size of the other breast shall be considered and the most proper method shall be selected. The size and flabbiness of the breast not having cancer is important in the phase of enabling symmetry after the reconstruction. For this reason, in the decision phase, the condition of the healthy breast and whether it also needs lifting, reduction etc. shall be considered.

In compatible patients, the plastic surgery team and oncological surgery team can enter into the operation together and after the removal of the breast tissue with cancer, the lost breast can be reconstructed. Hence, the patient will have a new breast after the operation and the psychological problems due to losing the breast are minimized.

And in the patients that have had breast surgery before, late repair called secondary reconstruction can be conducted. In this patient group with all treatment completed, prosthesis and/or their tissue can be used to make breast.

Reconstruction does not have an effect on cancer recurring. It does not prevent add-on-therapies such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It also does not prevent radiological examination for the follow-up of the patient. What is important in breast reconstruction is that the patient shall be informed about proper options and the best method shall be used jointly.