Eyes are the most expressive organs of the face. The eyebrows, structure of the eyes and eyelids are important for creating this expression. Since eyelids have multiple properties, they have a distinct place in plastic surgery.

Upper eyelid skin extends in time, the muscles loosens and begin to hang down while under-eye bags begin to be formed slowly in the lower eyelid. In time, this problems accumulate and create a tired and exhausted expression.

The name of the operation to fix this problem is called blepharoplasty. In this surgery, the excess skin and fat is removed and a younger expression is created. When skin excess and fat bags are removed, the tired expression in the face is eliminated.

The operation is realized under local anesthesia. You can return to your home in the same day after the operation. Since eyelid is a very thin and loose area, swelling and bruising happen very easily. Ice administration in the first day decreases this a bit. However, these effects may persist in the first three days. You can returnn to your normal daily life as of the second day. All the stitches are removed in the first week. In this process, the edemas and bruises due to the operation will alleviate significantly.