The increasing number of deepening wrinkles and lines in the face are effects of the passing time that we cannot control. First symptoms of aging begin to be seen when the fat tissue in the face start to change place in ages of 30. Especially the movement of the fat in the cheek and cheekbones to lower parts of the face due to gravity, and the decrease in the amount of under skin fat turn the young and well-built face into an aged and tired face. At the same time, the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin decrease slowly, the fatty tissue under the skin thins out and the wrinkles begin to hang down. As a result, the lines around the eyes and forehead become clearer, the skin in the cheeks, in the eye brows, under the chin and neck begins to hang down, and the fat bags under the eyelids become highlighted, which in turn create a tired and old appearance.

In face-lift surgery, the face skin that loosens and hangs down as a result of aging is lifted by incisions made from the frontal side of the ears and from within the hair. However, lifting the skin is not enough. The under-skin fatty tissues that have gone down shall be moved to their original places. Facial fascia called SMAS is used for this correction. When the excessive skin tissues are removed and the skin is lifted in this fascia, 2 layers are corrected and all problems are solved.

The operation is conducted under sedation and local anesthesia within 2-3 hours without the need for general anesthesia. It is recommended to stay in the hospital for one night. After the operation, the stitches are removed within one week or ten days and the patients can carry on their daily life. The edemas and bruises of the first days recover within this time period.