There are two basic techniques used for correcting the hip contour. The first one includes the liposuction operation for the places with excessive fat and then infection of this fat to the places needing it. Through liposuction, suitable areas are thinned and the removed fat is infected to the needing areas after a special processing. By this way, more well-build, lifted hips can be created. When the fat derived from proper areas such as the hips and the belly, it is infected to proper areas in the hips. No extra incision is made for this. By thinning the hips and the belly and filling the hips, a well-formed body is created.
And the second method is using hip prosthesis. Especially, in light weighted patients, namely from whom we cannot derive sufficient fat, hip prosthesis is inevitable. Hip prosthesis looks like breast prosthesis, it has a cohesive gel and it is placed within the hip muscle. It is implemented through an incision of 6-7 cm made between two hips. It is a success method for hip shaping , filling and lifting.
The operation is made under general anesthesia. It is recommended that the patient uses the corset for three weeks after the operation. It is recommended that the patient lays facedown or towards one side for ten days. It is suggested that the patient does not do any sports for 1 months.