Laser Applications


Skin rejuvenating through IPL is a non-invasive operation used for eliminating the lines caused by aging in the face, neck, chest and hands. The collagen tissue under the skin works with the principle of increasing tissue formation. The treatment program consists of four-six sessions administered in intervals of 1 week-10 days for 10-15 minutes.
Thin lines, wrinkles, degeneration in the face tissue, decrease in skin tension and elasticity, dark coloured spots, thin capillaries are treated with IPL. As a result, a young, smooth and alive face is achieved. IPL also treats the spots in the hands, chest and neck as well as color irregularities and other aging symptoms.
Gel is administered before the operation and eye-glasses protecting the eyes from the laser light is given. Since the device has a special cooling in its tip, the heat does not damage the surface of the skin.
Generally this administration is experienced without pain but if the patient does not feel well, special anesthetic creams may be administered. Treatment sessions are generally 10-15 minutes and a full program of 4-6 sessions is recommended.
After the administration, you can return to your normal life. Though rarely, effects such as skin rash that continues between a few hours and a few days or darkening of the spots may happen. A gradual improvement is observed every session and at the end of the treatment program, a more distinct improvement can be achieved.
After the treatment, the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun for two-three weeks and protection in this period is recommended.



Abnormal vascularization immediately below the skin surface makes the skin red and unpleasent spots emerge. Thin vascularizations or telangiestasias are lesions that are observed mostly in the fast and around the nose.
IPL laser system is a nonsurgical, safe and effective treatment for thin vascularization. The light energy is directed to the target vessel which, in turn, is “thermocoagulated” (obstructed). In other words, the vessel is burnt and the blood circulation is obstructed.
Wine stains, hemangiomas and vascularization in the legs can be treated successfully with IPL treatments. The bruises that can emerge in the area after the treatment usually get lost after the first week. For the success of the treatment in the leg vessels, very hot showers or excessive exercise shall ve avoided.



The first places with symptoms of aging are our faces, hands and arms. The reason for this is that they are exposed to environmental factors a lot. The sun, natural aging process and external factors lead to the formation of spots in these areas.

Pigmented lesions occurs with the proliferation of melanocytes on the skin. These cells build the melanin which is the pigment giving color to the skin. They build melanin more intensively when they are simulated, and this leads to the formation of dark colored spots.

IPL laser system sends concentrated light beams and decreases the amount of melanin in the skin non-invasively. The light energy is implemented by sending pulses of beams under the control of computer. After the IPL treatment, the treated lesion fades slowly and vanishes in the end.