Leg Aesthetics


Being one of the most important parts for women, the legs can, in fact, be made very attractive with simple interventions. If what makes a leg beautiful is known, the shaping operation can be much more easier. Legs that are thin from the ankles, thickening a bit from the calves, thinning again below the knee and have smooth knee interior are more attractive. And in order to create this shape, the patient is assessed and the required areas are thinned by liposuction, and other areas are filled with fat injection and proper leg contour is provided.
Since the leg structure and shape of every patient is different, it will be negotiated with the patient from which areas fat will be removed and to which areas fat will be added. Especially the fats accumulated in ankles and interior part of the knee causes the legs to look fatter and curved. It is possible to remove these fats and create legs with well contour. If necessary, it is also possible to inject fat into suitable places to correct the shape of the leg.
Liposuction can be made under local or general anesthesia depending on the size of the region. If fat injection will be made, the fat derived by a thin needle can be injected to these areas. In the post-op period, the patient wears a corset and it is recommended that the patient wears it 3-4 weeks.