Breast Reduction


Breast reduction surgery is both an aesthetic and reconstructive operation. Large and sagging breast may lead to back and neck pain, deep bra strap lines as well as skin problems such as fungi infection and sensitivity due to sweating under the breasts. Besides, breast disproportional with the body creates problem in dress selecting.

In the examination before the operation, the size and shape of the breasts, condition of your skin and your age will be assessed and detailed information will be provided about the operation and beyond it.

In breast reduction surgeries, breast texture is shaped according to the body size of the person. After the operation, a thin round scar around the breast tip going down remains. In large breasts, this scar may continue vertically from under the breast. This scars get dimmer in time and become less visible.

The operation is made under general anesthesia. The patient who rests after the operation can be discharged the same day. The pain is minimal and the patient can continue normal daily life the next day. The bandage that has been added during the operation is removed after one week but the use of the bra for 3 weeks is recommended. Since the stitches are made by dissolvable stitches, there is no need for dressing or removal of stitches.