Prominent ear



Prominent ear refer to the state in which the ears are more curved forward than normal. The main reasons for this state include inadequacy of the Y-shaped curve in the pinna or an excessively thick cartilage in the concha. These problems causes the ear to have a bigger angle with the head and curve forward and to look more prominent when looked at from the front.

Although it is possible to conduct its surgery in any age technically, for mental development, the proposed time is 6-7 years old. Since most of the ear development is completed by 5-6 years old, the child may have a ear surgery before beginning to school. While it can be conducted under local anesthesia in adults, it requires general anesthesia in children.

In prominent ear correction surgery, the cartilages are smoothed through the incisions made from the folding line of the ear from the back and the ear is shaped by folding to the back with special stitches. The scar remains totally behind the ear and is not visible from outside. After this short intervention, the patient is discharged. The bandage in the ear is opened in the third day and remains open. Wearing a hairband for 2-3 weeks is recommended for protecting the shape of the ear.