PRP is the name of the therapy method called platelet rich plasma (PRP). In PRP method, 10 cc blood is taken from the patient and this blood is centrifuged in specially prepared tube, the obtained serum is injected into the skin like mesotherapy.

In fact, the platelets in the blood are separated and the obtained liquid is injected to the face. These cells normally works to heal wounds, stimulate collagen synthesis, increase blood flow, trigger formation of new vessels and contains substances such as cytokine which plays a significant role in healing.
Usage areas is very wide. In fact it can be used in every area that needs realignment.
*Enabling fast recovery after laser peeling practices
*Re-establishing flexibility and brightness in the skin
*Controlling the cases of long lasting injury, split and damaged skin,
*It is used as a stand-alone solution or an additional operation for other treatments in hair loss treatments.

In general, instead of single administration, its cure shall be administered every 6-12 months. In this case, the effect of the administered cures is equal to the permanent rejuvenating effect. In other words, a cure of every 20 days in 3 administrations shall be repeated every year. Especially in skin administrations, a brighter, alive, lifted, healthy appearance is achieved.