Rhinoplasty surgery is the most popular plastic surgery operation but it is also the hardest one. It can be realized for making the nose smaller, reshaping it, elevating the tip of the nose and correcting the curvature. The purpose is to correct the areas with problems and create an easily breathing nose which is natural as much as possible.

Based on the state of the patient, the operation can be made with a closed or open method. In the closed method, there will only be incision within the nose bbut limited reshaping can be made in the nose tip. In the open method, nose tip reshaping is made with a higher success and this method is preferably used in extreme curvatures.

3-D photographing can be made before the operation and the areas with problem and how these will be corrected can be negotiated with the patient. Through 3-D photographs before and after the operation, the patient understands easily the changes that will be in the face and nose and the related concerns are minimized.

You’ll wake up with a plaster splint placed over the nose after the operation. This plaster splint is removed after one week. Swellings and bruises can be formed around the eyes after the surgery. These swellings will begin to regress after the third day and get lost in 10-15 days. However, the elimination of all the edema and taking the full shape takes 6 months.